2013 Norton Anthology Student Recitation Contest winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2013 Norton Anthology Student Recitation Contest!

Emily Daniel, Bradley University

Marcus Dixon, Jaelan Jones, and Edmund Piper, Mount St. Mary’s University

Jacky Mai, San Jose State University

Harry Griffin, The Citadel

Each winner will receive a $200 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble and will have their name featured in a Norton Anthology. The winning recitations are posted below. Congratulations, Emily, Marcus, Jaelan, Edmund, Jacky, and Harry!

The winning entries:

1. Sonnet 43 (“How do I love thee?”) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

Recited by Emily Daniel (Bradley University)

2. [Because I could not stop for Death - ] by Emily Dickinson

Recited by Marcus Dixon, Jaelan Jones, and Edmund Piper (Mount St. Mary’s University)

3. Sonnet 130 (“My mistress’ eyes) by William Shakespeare

Recited by Jacky Mai (San Jose State University)

4. “Lift Every Voice and Sing” by James Weldon Johnson 

Recited by Harry Griffin (The Citadel)


Read more about the art of recitation:

For Reading Out Loud by Beth McCoy

Recitation 101 by Dennis Allen

Recitations and Unheard Melodies by Katherine D. Harris

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